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Ladies Rock Camp Vancouver

For the past two years I’ve worked with a small group of ladies to organize Ladies Rock Camp Vancouver. The weekend-long camp held in May is fundraiser for Girls Rock Camp Vancouver.

One of the reasons I got involved in putting on the camp is because I really wish that I’d had access to a camp like this when I was younger. As I experienced last year as a camper, it’s incredibly fun and empowering to work with other women in a creative space.

Sixteen ladies, age 19 and older, of all skill levels, participate in the ladies camp which starts with band formation on Friday and ends in a live performance on Sunday. All of their songs can be heard online here: http://www.youtube.com/user/LadiesRockCamp

This year I took the photos for the four bands.
Let me introduce you to our new stars:

The Babes
Nasty Newbies
Murmur Murders
Broken Cat Dreams