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Recent portraits

I had the opportunity over the last few months to photograph some lovely, strong women. It’s so amazing to be able to spend time with people whose work you admire, which applies to all of these ladies.

Elvira Balakshin (My first Vancouver roomie 10 years ago…)


Dawn Paley (Check out her important work.)


Maryam Adrangi (You can find her writing here.)

Maryam Adrangi

Amanda van Baarsen

Amanda van Baarsen


Healing Path Acupuncture

This summer, I worked with my acupuncturist Fion Chou on some photos for her new website. Fion is pure magic.

639_FionChou-1 639_FionChou-2 639_FionChou-4 639_FionChou-3

Prior to seeing Fion, I had never been to acupuncture before and I was nervous about needles. Fion put me at ease by describing her process and philosophy. Her clinic is relaxing and overall she’s a fun person to get to know.

If you do visit Fion, be sure to ask her about her passion for pickle ball.

(Shout out to Krisztina Kun who did the website redesign!)


The Moore Family and their Supreme Court Case

Fifteen years ago, Rick Moore made the tough decision to send his son Jeffrey to private school and begin a long court battle. Jeffrey was dyslexic and the public education system didn’t have the resources to work with him. Jeffrey was going to attend a public program for students with learning disabilities, but it closed.




Jeffrey’s family didn’t think it was right that they should have to pay for his son’s education and started what would be a long legal battle.

In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that students with severe learning disabilities are entitled to equal opportunity to public education.

This summer I had the privilege to photograph, Rick Moore, his son Jeffrey and their lawyer Frances Kelly. The pictures were used for the cover of Transition magazine, a publication of the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities.

For more on this story, see this issue of magazine available here.


Special thanks to Marlis Funk for the assist!






Quvi and Alex

My dear friends Alex and Quvi were married this summer at the Aboriginal Friendship Centre here on Coast Salish Territories. It was a beautiful celebration!



Following the ceremony, there was a delicious food and line dancing!


Jen Efting

This spring, I headed to Hastings Park in Vancouver to photograph my lovely friend Jen Efting. Jen was looking for some photos to accompany her music website.

Jen Efting

Jen Efting

Jen Efting

Jen writes hauntingly beautiful, political songs. Don’t take my word for it, check her out.

Rhizome Cafe

Back in May, Lisa and Vinetta announced that they were closing Rhizome Cafe to move to Toronto. This space has been a vital community hub, event space and makes for a very cozy restaurant. Over the years, I’ve put on events in that space, attended meetings there and bit into their apple, caramelized onion and cheese sandwich dozens of times.

It was an honour to capture the beautiful mural by Melanie Schambachat the café, which was made into postcards.

blog post

I was also the photographer at their closing event, taking pictures of the event as well as running a photo booth. What a special evening!

leadfoot  taiko

photobooth   20130622_RhizomePhotoBooth_Web_CaelieFrampton_153









Trinity United Church will be taking over the current Rhizome space and it looks like it will be a great fit.

BC Coalition of People with Disabilities

I recently worked with the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities to photograph a cover for their magazine, Transition. The BCCPD formed in 1977 and was rooted in the idea of “nothing about us without us.”  The organization provides essential support and community, asserting that people with disabilities have the right to live with dignity and as equal and full participants in society.

Congrats to the BCCPD on their 35th anniversary!


Sneak Peek: Ben and Olive’s Wedding

Camp Fircom on Gambier Island was the perfect wedding location for Ben and Olive’s September celebration.

When Ben and Olive met, Ben was living in Seattle and Olive lived in Vancouver. If their goal was to join both of their families and communities together, this location provided a very intimate place to connect and celebrate their relationship.

During their ceremony, Olive described Ben as one of the nicest people she’s ever met. And it’s true, he just can’t stop smiling! Meanwhile, Ben described Olive’s desire to create a better world. And it’s apparent in all of the work she does.

The ceremony took place outdoors on the lawn of the campground surrounded by tiny houses where the guests slept in bunks with a view of the ocean and mountains. We were blessed with food and drink in an intimate hall and then moved back outside for the dancing.


Ben and Olive walked down the isle to all of the guests singing the Beatles ‘All You Need Is Love.’

“All you need is love, all you need is love,

All you need is love, love, love, is all you need.”

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