David Suzuki Foundation- Delicacies of a Delicate Sea

Over the course of the fall of 2013 I worked with the David Suzuki Foundation to capture some of the province’s sustainable fisheries. These small scale fisheries and aquaculture operations are changing the landscape of what we think of when it comes to sustainable fisheries.

The end result is a magazine, “Delicacies of a Delicate Sea”.

This project was extremely special to me- I was able to learn so much about the importance of small scale fisheries and aquaculture operations.

Here are the four fisheries I visited:


Underwater Harvesters Association- Geoducks

Sts’ailes and Scowlitz First Nation, Harrison Salmon Producers – Pink Salmon

Northern Divine Caviar, Target Marine Hatcheries – Sturgeon

K’omoks First Nation, Pentlatch Seafoods’ – Oysters and manila clams

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