Pacific Aids Network

In October, I photographed the Pacific Aids Network fall conference and AGM in Richmond.

PAN is a member-based coalition organization that supports important groups doing work around HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and related communicable diseases. The conference covered many important topics, including the stigma and criminalization people living with HIV/AIDS face.


The keynote speaker Carla Rieger (above) spoke to the power of laughter and the importance of asking people the question- What’s good? Carla has a wealth of knowledge around what makes for a healthy workplace and group dynamics.


Here are the lovely staff that call PAN home:

20131030_PAN_Web_044 20131030_PAN_Web_042 20131030_PAN_Web_041

20131030_PAN_Web_039 20131030_PAN_Web_040 20131030_PAN_Web_043






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