Earnest Ice Cream

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Erica and Ben are the two brains behind the new Earnest Ice Cream. These two live by their values when it comes to their business. They make their ice cream in small batches using seasonal and local ingredients. They also won me over with their packaging- reusable glass jars!

The three of us got together at the Woodland Smokehouse for a session to capture some of their delicious treats. And yes, I sampled everything!

We worked as a team to prepare the ice cream in advance by storing the scoops ahead of time on a cookie sheet in a walk in freezer. When we were ready to put the ice cream under the lights, we all moved quickly to ensure that we captured the right image.

They’ve used the photos for their website and branding.


You can try Earnest Ice Cream at the Woodland Smokehouse, Harvest Community Foods and the Vancouver Farmers Markets.

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